Monthly Media Manifest

A source for print and online materials for teachers

Use this monthly newsletter as a glimpse of all the media center has to offer regarding professional resources as well as classroom resources to meet your teaching needs! Questions? Feel free to ask!!

New Arrivals!!

Check out these new nonfiction titles that align with Common Core Standards:


Blastoff! Readers Level 4: Body Systems - 6 book set!

The Best Book of Weather
Earth's Rock Cycle
Limestone and Other Sedimentary Rocks

Online Resources:

Poplet - An site for designing and creating interactive concept maps

Study Ladder - A site with activities broken down by content areas which reinforce different skills

Comic Master - A free online source for creating graphic novels

Did You Know?

Did you know that the media center's online catalog allows you to search by Common Core Standard? No matter what standard you are searching for, just follow these easy steps to see what resources the media center has to offer!
1. Click here to go the the library's online catalog.
2. Select "standards search" on the left column.
3. Switch from the "search" tab to the "browse" tab.
4. For ELA and Math standards look under "common core." For Social Studies and Science Essential Standards, look under "North Carolina."
5. When the desired standard is located, simply click "find it" and the catalog will show any resources on the subject located in the media center