Czech Texans

Immigration To Texas: Czech

Push Factors

  • Famine
  • Debt
  • Economy
  • Pull Factors

  • Josef Bergmann encouraged his friends to bring people to Texas
  • He promised opportunity to any future immagrants
  • When more people went to Texas more people followed and began to settle into Texas
  • The cross from coast to coast became less scary with Galveston being a safe port
  • Czech Culture

    Czech Christmas:

    • Czech celebrate Christmas every year
    • Dinner can only be set for an even number of guests
    • They believe an odd number will bring bad luck
    • The first person to leave the table will die first
    • This is why everyone must stand up at the same time

    Czech Diet:

    • Czech diets contain lots of meats: Pork, Beef, and Poulstry
    • Vegetables are consumed daily: Cabbage, Carrots, and Peas
    • They also enjoy there sweets: Fruit, Butchy, and Pudding

    Fun Facts:

    • Motto: Prayda Vìtêzì (Truth Prevails)
    • Anthem: Kde domov muj (Where is my homeland)
    • Art: Known for glass art
    • Co Čech, to muzikant (Every Czech is a musician)

    Czech Immagration Leaders

    Josef Bergmann- Was a revrand who started it all by sending back good letters about Texas

    Frederick Lemsky- Played a great role at The Battle of San Jacinto

    Carl Postl- First Czech to ever touch Texas soil (1823)

    Josef Sîlar- First Czech leader of a small band of Czech immagrants into Texas

    Fun Facts

    1. Little Czech Bakery is a little shop in West, TX. Where you can by kolachi's (my food) all the way to cinnamon rolls
    2. On Easter Dead-Legging is encouraged for it is a tradition
    3. The whole country is surrounded by mountains exept the south
    4. Has more then 1500 centuries-old castle's (known for ghosts)

    Czech Immigration Analysis

    There is no evidence of Texas influence in Czechoslovakia other than Christmas is celebrated a little differently (joke). The evidence In Texas of Czech's is Little Czech Bakery and a lot of food that was introduced.

    I think Texas is better off because off Czech innfluence because it brings another culture into the salad bowl. Plus it brings great FOODS!


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    Czech Immigration By: Cole Calabro Per: 5