Media Literacy P.F

Arias Hawkins

Smore #3 Macbeth as the Anti-Hero

Macbeth is a flawed hero because he's easily influenced by the witches and others. At the beginning of the play he was loyal and prideful, and at the end of the play he became paranoid, scared, and fearful.

In the Maze Runner the kids/teens were used as test objects and they did not know. lack of knowledge is one of the biggest Dystopias. It is unfair because they were placed in an imperfect world and the teens are in danger by the creators when they enter or cross the wall. They had to form a society and it was pretty difficult to them because they were uneducated and pretty much illiterate.

Smore #4 Winston As The Last Man

O'Brien calls Winston the last man because Winston is the only person besides him that understands both worlds but chooses to be good. The reason i say that because others that understand both worlds chooses to have power instead of doing what is right. The reason why others are not called the last is because others do not understand both worlds, they just understand the very strict one, They also believe everything they see and hear. That is why they are not called the last ones like Winston. Winston is very unique and that is why he trying do what he can to change things.

Smore #5 O'Brien The Victim

O'Brien is a Villian because he knows what is right and what is not but he choose to be villian. O'Brien can make the entire situation better, but he chooses not to because he loves being powerful. O'Brien is similar to Winston but is not. O'Brien is still a villian because he lies to Winston telling him that he was against them but he was really was with them the entire time. He also is a villian because he enjoys torturing Winston. He was smiling when he was torturing Winston. O'Brien has a choice to do what is right, and he is choosing not to and that is what make him a villian.

Smore #6 Commercial

Arias Hawkins\

Mrs. Danley

12th British Lit

1 December 2015

Media Manipulation Preci

In the T-Mobile commercial “Tim Tebow shows you what you can do with #NoContract” Tim Tebow nationally known football player, argues or suggest that you switch over your plan to T-Mobile so you can be out of your contract and be unlimited. Tim Tebow argues that because he has done so much without being in a contract such as “tackle the unknown” and “throw passes out of space” and that if you had a contract all the stuff you do would be limited, so basically you could not do that. In order to do what you want freely Tim Tebow suggest that you swictch your plan over and T-Mobile will buy your contract out so you can be free. So if you are a Tim Tebow fan and love football, you will listen to him and switch over to T-Mobile so you can be free of your contract and be free and unlimited.

Smore #7 Reflection

From my first entry ,In my opinion Media Literacy has helped the entire world to create things and help students learn in awesome ways. Mrs. Danley, My 12th grade Language Arts Teacher has taught me a lot since I have been present in her class. I actually think I can take a lot of things from this class because it was very fun and students were active. I can take away all of the books we have read such as Macbeth, and 1984. On the other hand, this Language Arts class at Peachtree Ridge High School is much more different from the previous school I attended, which is Collins Hill High School. In my opinion this class is better than Collins Hill High School Language Arts class, because it was so boring because the teacher Media Literacy was poor. That's why Media Literacy means a lot in todays education. I don't think anything could be changed in the future to make this class better. I think whoever is in this class in the future will love CNN Student News, How you make the students participate, and not being so strict but strict when it is time do get work done. All in all I have really enjoyed this class and this class I will for sure miss when I leave.

Smore #8 Prince Ea's Reflection

In my opinion, We are addicted and becoming slaves to social media and the internet, and to be honest we do have a unhealthy relationship with our technology. I say that because it is disconnecting us from our family, friends, and the world sadly. I can name a few ways so that it does not become our permanent reality. One important way that will work for sure if the companies or parents turn off there phones for a couple of hours to make that person get connected with friends, family, and the world. That way will help addiction to the phones or social media get cut down. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of benefits that social media help in a way. It sounds weird but sometimes social media connect us on what is going on around the world. The problem is that people use social media for the wrong thing. It is possible that we can control it, but it will take a lot of work. We can harness the power of social media by just getting active. People usually become a slave to social media when one is bored. So when you are active that's the last thing on someone's mind. Do not get me wrong social media is a good thing , but we really need to cut down the amount of time that we are on social media. In my opinion it is slowly separating us from important people and things around us.