come to the colonies


The colonies

I suggest you come over to the colonies. The colonies are a good place to settle down. We all have great forest and wamer climate. You can trade fish or wood. The New England and Southern Colonies want you to follow a certain cultural. So anyway, come to the colonies!

New England

New England has great places to settle down such as Massachusetts and Providence. New England has beautiful forest and rocky soil. You can farm, cut and sell wood, and fish. You have to be a Puritan to move here. New England has long winters and short summers.

The Middle Colony

The Middle Colony also has places you can settle down such as New Jersey and New Amsterdam. The Middle Colony has rich soil and a warm climate. You can raise cattle or farm. The Middle Colony allows you to follow any culture such as Lutheran, Quakers, Amish, or Catholics.

The Southern Colony

The Southern Colony also has places you can settle down such as Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia. The Southern Colony is flat and rich and has a warm climate. You can cut wood, grow rice, tobacco, or indigo. You have to be a Baptist or Anglican to come here. There is slavery is the Southern Colony.

Come on already were waiting!