Explaining Credit


Credit is a way to borrow money easily when you don't have the money sitting in your pocket,but there is a lot more to it then that.


Before you you get your credit card, you have to fill out an application with tons of information about yourself.The reason you have to fill this out because if you don't pay a payment they will be able to find you and make you pay it.

Good Credit

Good credit allows you to be able to borrow money from the bank because you have payed your payments before.

Bad Credit

When you have bad credit, your abilities with the bank is limited.You aren't able to get the card as easily as you would be able to with good credit.

Monthly Payments

A monthly payment is a payment for the usage of your credit card that comes monthly.

Annual Fees

A fee that is charged for the connivance of a credit card that is ranged from $15 dollars to $300 dollars!

Banking Activities!!!

If you would like to try some fun banking activities, try some of these i have found!

-Tanner Smoldas

Proofread by Adairia