Problem Solving

Using area of rectangles to solve problems

Essential Question:

How can I use area to solve real world problems involving rectangles?

Standards and Anchors:

CC.2.3.6.A.1 Apply appropriate tools to solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, surface area, and volume.

Learning Task:

  • Watch the video about problem solving.
  • Choose one of the problems (Nova Scotia Quilt or Mowing Madness) to solve.
  • Follow each step in the lesson and be sure to submit each requirement to receive full credit.

Grade: Total assignment is worth 10 pts.

Big image
Big image

Step 1 : Understanding the Problem (2 pts)

  • Choose one of the problems above. DO NOT TRY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM AT THIS TIME.
  • Read the problem several times.
  • What important math information and relationships do you notice that might help to solve the problem?

Click here If you are solving Nova Scotia Quilt and post your ideas in the Padlet.

Click here If you are solving Mowing Madness and post your ideas in the Padlet.

When you are done come back here for Step 2 of the lesson.

Grade: 2 pts. for Padlet post.

Step 2: Make a model (3 pts)

Draw a picture that will help you solve the problem. When your drawing is ready, take a screen shot or photo of it and post it to this Padlet.

Make sure you look at the ways in which your classmates have represented the problem. Then come back and finish the lesson when you are done.

Grade: 3 pts for picture/representation posted on Padlet

Step 3: Solve the Problem (3 pts)

Solve the problem. Explain how you got your answer and why it makes sense to you. You may also want to explain why the other answers were not correct.

Grade: 3 pts for solution and reasoning

Step 4: Reflecting on the Solution (2 pts)

Think about the way you solved your problem.
  • Does your answer make sense?
  • How do you know that this is the right answer?
  • Do you have anything you are still wondering about in the problem?
  • Is there a different way to solve the problem that would be easier?

Grade: 2 pts for reflection