The US since 2008

By, Gracie Carroll

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The 2008 Election

The 2008 election was a big election for the US. This election was a time when the US was having many economic problems and many were ready for a leader who could fix the problems. President Obama was elected into office as a democrat as well as the first African american president of the US.
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9/11 is a day that all Americans know about. This is a day that an Al Qaeda terrorist group hijacked planes and flew them into the towers and world trade centers in NYC. This day many people lost loved ones in the towers and the hero who risked their lives to go save people from the burning buildings. These attacks had an effect on not only the people who lost loved ones but on everyone in the USA because everyone was scared and saddened by the attacks.
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The war in Iraq

The war in Iraq was a war started in 2003 which goal was to topple the government and leader ship of Saddam Hussein. The war began as a civil war but with how out of hand it became it meant that the US felt obligated to go in and help. The US sent an overwhelming amount of forces over to Iraq where many of these military people were killed in battle there. The US withdrew in 2011, but when the problems started to rekindle the US had to send more troops back over to help.