Troy Tulowitzki

a biography by Jarrett Young

Basic Information

Played college baseball and basketball and was varsity every year for both sports. Received many varsity letters for college in highschool for basketball, but chose baseball to go pro. Troy is married and has one kid.


Major League Short-stop for the Colorado Rockies.

Why I Chose This Person

Because I play the same position that Troy does at a very high level and he's the best at it in the major league.


His full name is Troy Trevor Tulowitzki. He was born on October 10 1984 in Santa Clara, California. He earned 4 varsity letters for baseball and 2 for basketball at Fremont High School.

Impact on Society

Getting so many varsity letters in baseball and basketball. Than going pro and having a .299 batting average and being the best shortstop in major league baseball.

Events That Shaped His Life

Growing up he watched Derek Jeter play major league shortstop and saw thats what he wanted to do. He ended up being just as good as his role model if not better.

Overcoming Obstacles

The main problem and obstacle Troy had was which sport he should go pro in. He ended up going to the MLB over the NBA and being one of the best shortstops in major league baseball,