How Emotions Effect Learning

Positivity and Learning go hand in hand

Did you know?

Dear teachers,

This email is to inform you that emotions do in fact impact children's ability to learn.


Emotion are how you feel. How you feel can determine how you do in school. If you you're angry you're most likely not gonna learn as much as if you were happy. Emotion can effect your brain and memory.

What are the right learning emotions?

Did you know, that children remember things better with pleasant memories attached to it. Which means if a negative thing occurred the last time they did something they may not be open to trying it. Also students learn better when they are comfortable and through repeated experiences.

How you know your students have learned and your teaching has paid off

When they remember the material and they are satisfied with what they know and want to learn more.

The Farmer Theory

Four types of Farmers

According to Science Nordic, there are four different kinds of farmers.

  1. The ones that are nice to their animals.
  2. Those that are calm and patient with their animals.
  3. Those that are extremely mean to their animals.
  4. The ones that are scared of those animals.

Each one of these farmer has a different effect on their animals production.

Which Farmer are You?

As teachers we need to strive to all the be the first type of farmer. Think of it metaphorically. You want to be like the first type of farmer but incorporate it into your teaching. You're the farmer, and the kids are the animals. The second farming type may sound better and more intriguing, but studies show that the first type of farmer gets better production from their "animals". Continuing with this idea, being nice and supporting, and therefore making the kids feel better, can make them produce better work, and in the long run, making them smarter. All of this will lead up to better test scores and a better school experience.


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