Bennett Nation Team Recognition

August 2015

Fabulous Bennett Nation -

Congratulations on our biggest, best month ever. We have so many promotions, trip earners and new levels earned it is hard to keep track.

Consistent activity over time creates massive momentum and that is what we are in.

Keep it up! Keep sharing, loving, serving and me it is oh so worth it.

Welcome to the fourth quarter of your business! The biggest four months in Arbonne have begun today. I'm ready for September, fall, and all the blessings God has in store for each of you.

Special shout outs go to Hillary Hess and her amazing team in Qualification for Region (see you in a couple of days team Ohio!). And two Area's in Qual Kayla Shomaker and Kristy Orton!

Let's make this the best fourth quarter ever...I am here to help you map out your goals and get you to that next level.



District Managers in Qualification

Candice Martin

Michelle Grabau

Bekah Blodgett

Teresa Mentzer

Julie Vlahon

Danyale Howard

Marissa Cervantez

Margaret Arck

Christina Connell

Lorraine Davis

Brock & Stephanie Evans

Annette Hanna

Tamara Price

Jessica Freytag

Karen Lilleyman

Jalisa Sutherland

Kat Nadeau

Lisa Cohen

Melanie Mahan

Darci Hayden

Jessamyn Parker

Melinda Cauley

Pamela Sorensen

New District Managers

Christina Rodriguez

Ashlee Albright

Emily Stone

Deb Stone

Elisa Leibelt

Yiota Matsukas

Laura Uschyk

Area Mangers in Qualification

Kayla Shomaker

Kristy Orton

1/2 Way to Region

Gina Beeg

RVP in Qualification

Hillary Hess

District Manager Bonus

Morgan Crawford

Savannah Beauchemin

Ashley Langus

Heather Zander

Hillary Hess

Kayla Shomaker

Kristina Dobler

Gina Beeg

Elise Palma

Kristy Orton

Area Manager Bonus

Morgan Crawford

Evelyn Bennett

Hillary Hess

Kristina Dobler

Gina Beeg

RVP Bonus

Evelyn Bennett

Kristina Dobler

Trifecta Bonus

Kristina Dobler

Strong Start Graduate

Kristy Orton

Laura Uschyk

Top Sponsoring & Sales

Personal Sponsoring:

Laura Uschyk 15

Hillary Hess 9

Savannah Beauchemin 9

District Sponsoring:

Hillary Hess 25

Kristy Orton 17

Kristina Dobler 12

Area Sponsoring

Hillary Hess 37

Gina Beeg 28

Kristina Dobler 24

Top District Sales:

Hillary Hess $27,741

Morgan Crawford $15,691

Kristina Dobler $14,666

Top Area Sales:

Hillary Hess

Kristina Dobler

Evelyn Bennett

Dream Maker Retreat Earners

Evelyn Bennett

Kristina Dobler

Gina Beeg

Elise Palma

Tara Wallace

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New York City Tiffany Challenge Earners

Evelyn Bennett - Level 3

Hillary Hess - Level 2

Kristina Dobler - Level 3

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