Mr Perfect

Linda Howards

The List

Everything starts as a joke four friends at its weekly meeting. Does the topic of conversation? Once again, the men. Between laughs, decide to make the portrait of the perfect man, and put in writing the qualities that you should gather: sincere, friendly, attractive, with a sense of humor... and, well, there is something more, a detail that will eventually trigger a veritable nightmare. However, Janie and her friends do not feel in danger. See No threat in the whispering telephone calls, nor perceive the hate-filled gaze of a character near. They are unaware that a mind is unbalanced as the snow piles on the side of a mountain: sometimes just a sneeze to cause an avalanche.


Long time ago that Janie has ceased to believe in the perfect man. After several failed relationships, took a deep breath... and it takes a few years without a partner. In addition, what you need for a man? Have a good job, with her friends and just bought a house. Pity that their neighbor will prove to be an individual so irritating: brazen and arrogant, but physically imposing and owner of a smile that stops at the same time angry and disarmed. In what other person could rely Janie to escape an assassin.


It is called Sam Donovan and is a policeman. Works daily with the threat of violence, crime and deception, is accustomed to see the darkest part of the human being, and know how to appreciate the honesty and the ability to struggle. Perhaps for this reason, feel hopelessly attracted to its beautiful and impatient neighbor: has thrust, is brave and sincere, warm and cheerful. From the first moment, Sam decides that this woman will be important in your life, and do not allow anyone to harm. Absolutely no one.