Teacher & Staff Technology Survey

That time again...

It is that time of year AGAIN!! Please take a few minutes to complete the Spring 2017 Bright Bytes Survey. Remember, I cannot tell who completed this, but I can see how many people have taken it. We MUST be at 100% or I get shamed!! Don't let me get shamed!! Just kidding, but seriously, they do throw all of the participation numbers up on a projector and we don't want to be the school with less than 100% staff participation.

Things to Remember:
-Your phone and laptop technically have a digital camera.
-If you are using Canvas, then you are collaborating online with your students.
-When you meet with me during our monthly meetings or the District trainings that is formal technology PD.

-If you are browsing Pinterest or the internet for lesson ideas that is Informal PD
-A desktop computer is one that has a separate monitor/mouse/keyboard.
-You have a district laptop that you CAN take home whenever you like.
-Lastly, read the examples that they give if you are confused, they will point you in the right direction!

If you do not understand a question, please read the entire question as there are typically examples given of what they are asking about. If you are really confused, just ask me or someone around you for clarification.

I just completed it in about 10 minutes! Thank you for your participation! As always, you all ROCK!!!!!