FSI- Team


Lots of Things Going On!!

Black History Month presentations (assembly) has been moved

These will now be held next Monday, Feb. 29. I can't wait to see how each class presents their famous African American! If you need the computer for a powerpoint, music, etc. please let me know in advance.

STEMScope Lesson Plans

As we begin to trial this new curriculum, we are also trialing how lesson plans will go. Please don't get caught up on how you will be filling out your lesson plans each week. I will NOT be picky on the amount of detail. Just fill in 1 (or 2) of the 5 E's that you plan to teach for the week and the rest of your team can fill out what they will be teaching. All I ask is that it is all on the same template together each week.

Report Cards

Specials teachers please have grades emailed to K-2 no later than March 4th.

All report cards are turned in to me (or transferred over) by Tuesday, March 8th.

Please use the report card I sent you last week, so hopefully we wont have as many printing problems. (If you need help downloading it to your computer, COME SEE ME) Don't do them on the Google Drive!!!

Intervention Schedule

Ms. Jacob's intervention schedule will go into effect Tuesday (for 2nd and 3rd grade students).

Early Release this Wednesday!!!

Read the "Upcoming Events" section to make sure you are aware of everything going on in the next couple weeks. There is A LOT!!!


* See a student showing good character? Give them a character card!!

* Update sub folders ASAP

* Do NOT leave your students or classroom unattended for any reason. Be ready for your day, before students arrive. If it is an emergency, please call for help!!

* ROTE, ROTE, ROTE counting. (How do you incorporate it into your day?)

* Keep Think Sheets readily available to students


Upcoming Events

February: Black History Month

2/22-2/26: Pennies for Patients

2/22: P4P assembly (PE room) 2nd-3rd @1, K-1 @2

2/24: Early Release

2/29: Jump Rope 4 Heart (8:15 and 8:30)

Black History Assembly (2nd-3rd @1, K-1 @2)

3/4: Delta Dental

3/8: Report Cards due