Weekly Newsletter

Week of November 15,2015 - November 21, 2015

Last Week:

We had previously been reading Charlotte's Web, and this past week we finished it. The students had to create a presentation. They had to choose an animal and research it. They then used KidBlog to write a week of being that animal and what it did daily. This turned out great and all the students did very well!

This Week

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The class is going to star reading Fantastic Mr.Fox. They will have to read some out of class this week. Please make sure to check the homework calendar for this week for all assignments.


We are going to be tie-dying t-shirts on Friday November 20,2015. Please make sure you bring in a shirt or you will not be able to tie-dye.

New Material

The students will be learning about the branches of government in social studies. They will continue to memorize their multiplication facts in math.