World War I

Maddie Gossett

How It Started

World War one started because all the country's started to attic.There were Central and Allied powers.The allied powers were Russia,Serbia,France,United Kingdom,Belgium,and Italy.The Central powers were Germany,Austria-Hungry,Bulgaria,and Ottoman Empire (Turkey).So when the powers faught there was only one winner.

The U.S Entered The War

The U.S entered the war because of many reasons.At first the U.S did not want to be in the war.There was a policy of isolationism that means that the U.S preferred to remain neutral and let the other countries handle their own affairs.The U.S feared that they might have to fight the countries from witch that they had come.On May 7 1915 a German submarine torpedoed and sank the British steamship Lusitania.

Weapons Used In WWI

weapons Used were

  • guns
  • boms
  • Gas mask
  • Gas boms

How The War Ended

The war was raged into 1918. In September 1918 more than one-million U.S troops fought in a huge battle in the Meuse-Argonne, a region of northeastern France. More Americans fought in this battle ever. The Allied powers won the battle, witch led to a final defect of the central powers.

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