Gattis Gossip

Volume 7, Issue 30---------------------------April 20, 2015

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We've got this!!

Another chance for Gattis Gators to show up and show out this week! STAAR testing is here and we are ready! Thank you to EVERYONE across the campus for your support of testing grade levels - both students and teachers! Thank you for all the hard work teaching our Gators the concepts so they can be successful. From lessons taught to our youngest gators in PPCD all the way to 5th grade - every concept taught through the years has helped to prepare our students! And thank you for building a spirit of courage and perseverance into every child!

Upcoming Week At Gattis...

  • When Reader's Struggle Webinair series continues this week!
  • Update campus partnership form with special guests and volunteers (see link below)
  • Free breakfast this week for all students
  • STAAR testing for grades 3-5


  • 5th grade Math STAAR
  • 3:05 Staffing


  • 3rd and 4th grade Math STAAR
  • 4:00-5:15 "When Readers Struggle" Webinair with MB Cordon -Gaby/MB office


  • 3rd and 4th grade Reading STAAR
  • 3:05 Staffing


  • 5th grade STAAR science


  • Friday Assembly
  • Possible STAAR make-up testing
  • 8:55 Annual ARD
  • 9:50 Annual ARD
  • 11:55 Annual ARD
  • 2nd grade field trip
  • Gattis Spirit Night at RR Express

Coming up soon!

  • April 13-May 15 Individual testing for students in ESL/ Dual language programs
  • April 27 - May 22 K-2 BAS EOY testing window
  • April 28 3:05 Leadership meeting
  • April 28 -4:00-5:15 "When Readers Struggle" Webinair with MB Cordon
  • April 29 3:05 Team Time
  • April 30 "Dia" (Children's Day/Book Day)
  • April 30 3rd grade field trip
  • May 1 Field Day - 8:30-10:30 3rd-5th/12:00-2:00 K-2
  • May 4-29 3rd -5th BAS EOY testing window
  • May 5 4:00-5:15 "When Readers Struggle" Webinair with MB Cordon - Library
  • May 5 6:30PTA meeting
  • May 6 Early Release - Brief meeting/ conferences
  • May 7 Incoming Kinder night 6:00-7:30
  • May 13 4th grade field trip
  • May 14 PreK field trip
  • May 15 5th grade field trip
  • May 15 SSTs all grades EOY planning
  • May 18-27 Universal Screeners
  • May 21 SSTs all grades EOY planning
  • May 25 School Holiday - Memorial Day
  • June 2 Talent Show presented to PK-2
  • June 3 Talent Show presented to 3-5
  • June 5 Last Day of School for students
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We're celebrating YOU!!

Apr. 4 Linda Betak

Apr. 6 Dora Garcia

Apr. 10 Kristal Shanahan

Apr. 14 Dawn Carlson

Apr. 16 Debbie Bennett

Apr. 16 Jacqueline McCollum

Apr. 16 Joanne Kendall

Apr. 17 Donna Staten

Apr. 22 Rosanna Lenzi

Apr. 24 Marcy Pearson

Apr. 28 Delores Herrera

Plan Ahead for Summer PD

As you think about what Technology you want to learn this summer at Summer PD July 27th - Aug. 6th. Here is a list of the Technology Lessons offered organized by Pathways.

ITS Session Pathways

To see all courses offered, go to: Session Catalog. Be sure to register on Ecampus.

Partners in Education -- PLEASE UPDATE!

We are approaching spring deadlines to have all partners entered. Please be sure to enter volunteers and/donors. Check with LaWanda if you need assistance. : )

Please remember to use this link throughout the year to record any donors and partnerships. If you have guest speakers to your classroom or gradelevel, record the activity. Guest speakers would be recorded as partners rather than donors. Recording this information is an important piece of our accountability and allows our partners to be recognized for all they do for us.

Accommodations and groups for upcoming STAAR Assessments

5th grade math - April 20

3rd and 4th grade math - April 21

3rd and 4th grade reading - April 22

5th grade science - April 23

BAS testing information

STAAR A and STAAR L Resources

This information can be shared with parents to allow students to practice on the interface at home.

STAAR A Tutorial for students taking STAAR A

STAAR L Tutorial for students taking STAAR L

STAAR L Practice

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Be Prepared!! - Review Emergency Protocols

This is the time of year that severe weather tends to occur in our area.

Be sure to review emergency protocols with your team to be prepared for any drills or actual crises. Make sure that materials are highly visible and easily accessible to substitutes. Team members should be aware of any substitutes present and make sure to provide support in case emergency protocols are needed for any reason.