Abby Mendoza

Green Revolution

1930-1960's. Increased agriculture worldwide.

Stateless Nation

An ethnic or linguistic group. Not majority in any nation state. Expresses the need for their own state.

Population Density

The amount of people living in a certain area.

Geography Affecting the Economy

A country island would have a more water based economy, such as fishing.

How do immigrants add to a diverse culture in a country?

By combining their traditions and customs with the country.

What are country's doing to slow the impact if climate change?

Pass legislation that mandates a reduction of carbon emissions by automobiles and factories.

What innovations lead to the increase of sea travel?

Technology improvements such as compasses and ship design.

Green Revolution: Keep pace with the growing population...

By using lots of fertilizers, pesticides, and increased irrigation needs.

Power plants...yes or no?

The limited amount of non-renewable resources left VS A high amount of radiation exposure nearby.

Mexico's greatest political, economic, and cultural elements impact

When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the 16th century.
**English has become an international language due to the global spread of American culture.

New foods in Western Europe

Columbus' voyages to the Americas

What did favelas increase in the 1970's?

Immigrants from rural areas couldn't afford urban city living.
** The huge immigration shift in the 1800's was due west.

How did the U.S. acquire their northern and southern borders?

Through diplomatic agreements of man-made borders (49th parallel) and natural borders (Rio Grande & the Gulf Coast)

What was the NAFTA and the E.U. Formed?

To increase economic cooperation between member nations.

In the columbian exchange, how were the lives of Europeans impacted by their American counterparts?

There was a transfer of new products & ideas encouraged economic growth.

How does the Cold War continue to affect the political landscape of Europe?

Most nations are still divided between communist single-party states and democratic governments.