Principal Praises

February 2019

New Bridge ~ Ensuring all students achieve academic excellence through relevant learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math!

To our New Bridge Family,

I hope you're enjoying this winter weather we're having and staying warm! Inside and outside the school there are lots of wonderful things happening. Teachers are providing engaging experiences for your students, and students are working hard and loving the learning. We want to also thank you for supporting your students with their Science & Engineering Fair projects. We had incredible participation and some truly exciting ideas presented. Thank you to Ms. Robinson, our STEM coach, and Mrs. Harris, our science specialist, for their organization of the event. And congratulations to our six 6th graders who qualified to advance to the next level of competition at the district. As we look forward to the rest of this 3rd quarter, I want to bring a few things to your attention. We hope parents will take advantage of this quarter's Parent STEM Workshop, where you'll design and build an engineering structure, AND it will help you with this month's home STEM challenge! (Feb 12, 10:00am) We also want you to be aware of the Idle Free Campaign coming up this week. Help support our safety patrol as they bring awareness to being idle free during the pick-up line. Also, we want to remind parents that there is no school Feb 18-19 for students and that parent/teacher conferences will be held Feb 27-28, with early out on those days and March 1. (see the calendar list below) We also look forward to our Scholastic Book Fair, 6th grade New Bridge hoodies fundraiser, grandparents lunch, STEM Family days, field trips, and our CIA (interim testing) this month! Whew! This is a great place to work and learn! Thanks for all your support and for being a partner with us in your child's education. Let's have a Fabulous February!

Principal Bukey

Parent STEM Workshop, February 12, 10:00 am

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2018-19 LegoLeague Comp!

What is First Lego League?

Guided by adult Coaches, FIRST LEGO League teams research a real-world problem and are challenged to develop a solution. They also must design, build, program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology, then compete on a table-top playing field. This year's challenge was titled "Into Orbit."

It all adds up to tons of fun while they learn to apply STEM Concepts, plus a big dose of imagination, to solve a problem. Along their discovery journey, they develop critical thinking and team-building skills, basic STEM applications, and even presentation skills, as they must present their solutions with a dash of creativity to judges. They also practice the Program’s signature Core Values which are:

  • Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas.
  • Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.
  • Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world.
  • Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.
  • Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.
  • New Bridge sent 3 teams to this year's Lego League competition, and they all represented us well! We're proud of our teams!

Dartside Reading Challenge

Students accepted the December reading challenge and the top 2 classes (Mullen and Palmer) and the top 22 students who read the most minutes enjoyed 30 minutes each of Nerf Dart Tag when Dartside Dart tag arena from Layton came to celebrate with them. As you can tell by the look on Mr. Palmer's face, it was serious fun! We're not sure who had the best time, Mr. Palmer or his students!
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STEM Magic Show 2nd Quarter Attendance Celebration

We had a blast at our STEM Magic Show to celebrate the great attendance efforts our students made during the 2nd quarter. Even with cold and flu season, our Knights did their best to be at school. Scientists at the STEM Action Center of Utah teamed up with magician, Paul Brewer to create a show that displays the magic of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Thank you to our PTA member, Brook Secrist-Joyce and the STEM Action Center for helping to bring us this fun opportunity! We will continue to issue attendance challenges to our students and parents. Right now we are going for 100% attendance and will announce winners on Feb 14!

New Bridge Team Wins Rube Goldberg Comp!

Our 4th grade Rube Goldberg team won their recent competition at Weber State. A Rube Goldberg Machine Contest is an event where students of all ages compete with machines they have imagined, designed and created in a fun and competitive forum. It promotes teamwork and problem solving. This year's challenge? To get a penny into a piggy bank after going through several steps. And this is all created out of a pile of scrap! Our 4th graders were awesome!
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Kinder Happenings

Sometimes I find myself wandering the kinder hallway just to remind myself of where it all begins! Thank you to our kinder teachers and support staff for taking such tender care of these little ones and their many needs. Kinder parents, be sure and save the date of March 7, 6-7pm for our Kinder Parent STEM Night, "A Special Night for our Kinder Knights" with special guests from the Treehouse Museum!

Exploring in First Grade

Whether they're 6 or 12, our students are designing, exploring, and solving problems in a way that would stun the average observer. These first graders have explored light, sound, sun, earth, moon, and stars and can explain in their first grade language how it all works! A huge shout out to our first grade teachers, Mrs. Namovicz, Miss Castle, and Mrs. Peña for using the fundamentals of project based teaching practices to engage students with their Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum.

2nd Grade Aquarium Field Trip

Second graders had the opportunity to visit the Loveland Aquarium which provides "countless educational opportunities to understand and respect our precious Earth and its living ecosystems, from the Utah deserts and mountains, to rain forest habitats, to the planet’s vast oceans." This culminating event supports what they've been learning in the classroom!

PLTW Computer/Coding Systems Module

In this activity fourth graders found out how data are represented in a computer system. They also learned about the difference between information that people understand, encoded data that a computer can understand, and how computers translate from one to the other. Thank you, Miss Witkowski, for helping our students engage in real-world learning.

Way Cool Science!

I must admit; I think this is by far one of our coolest pictures taken this year! One of the fifth grade science standards students learn is to understand features of static and current electricity. Earlier in the year, they created their own electrical circuits out of every day household items. They are asked among other things to list several occurrences of static electricity that happen in everyday life and describe the relationships between static electricity & lightning. They are also learning to describe the behavior of objects charged with static electricity, compare objects with varying amounts of static charge, and investigate how various materials react differently to statically charged objects.
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New Bridge Science & Engineering Fair - Wow!

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Many thanks goes out to all the teachers, students, parents and our volunteer judges for a wonderful 2019 Science & Engineering Fair! Special thanks to Ms. Robinson for coordinating the event for us. We had 131 participants, and all grades were represented. The top 3 winners in each category will be recognized at our Student of the Month assembly Feb 7. Projects were judged on several requirements, including being interviewed by our volunteer judges.

K-2nd Category:

  • 3rd place - What makes a rock pop? - Edmond
  • 2nd place - Turning food into energy without having to eat it! - London
  • 1st place - How best to get your hands clean - Everette

3rd-4th Category

  • 3rd place - Investigating changing the color of flowers - Bryleigh
  • 2nd place - Wood isn't all the same strength - Cole
  • First place - Making bubbles last - Alonna

5th grade Category

  • Third place - Tasty Facts - Taylor
  • Second place - Growing the perfect plant - James
  • First place - Solving the shoveling walks problem - Kayd

6th grade Category

  • Third place - Keeping the environment warm in the winter - Keira
  • Second place - We can judge a book by its cover - Branson
  • Directing wifi signals - Kyle

Sixth grade winners will advance to the next level of competition including the following qualifiers:

  • Taking what we eat seriously - Absidee
  • The impact of invasive species in our local environment - Breckin
  • What materials stop radio waves? - Hazel

And a shout out to Miss Gerber's class for entering a class project into the fair!

6th Grade Heads to Nordic Valley

Our 6th graders began preparation for their annual ski trip way back in October as they studied economics and committed to designing and preparing "products" they could sell in order to raise money for their ski trip to Nordic Valley. The economics fair was a tremendous success! They were a little short on the fundraiser, so they will complete their financial commitment by selling hoodies next month that they've designed. They did, however, enjoy the results of that economics fair last week on a beautiful crisp and sunny day. All students received lessons in either snowboarding or skiing, strengthened friendships, and wore themselves out repeatedly going up and down the hill. With only one injury, the trip was definitely a success. Even this old principal strapped on skis and ventured down the hill in what the ski instructor termed, a "retro style." I think our students will have a newly appreciated understanding of the algebraic term "slope" when they get to that point in their learning! Thank you Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Docksey, Mrs. Mullen and our parent volunteers for a great adventure!
Fun in the Snow!

WSU College Bound Event!

A great big thank you goes out to the Ogden School Foundation for sponsoring our fifth grade as they attended the Weber State College Bound event. This is an amazing opportunity for our students to tour the campus with student athletes, join a spirit event with hundreds of other fifth graders, and then attend a WSU men's basketball game (which they sadly lost by 2 points). Hopefully our kiddos were inspired and motivated by all they saw and heard. Thank you also to our fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Mullen & Mrs. Johnson, and our many parent volunteers for attending with us. Go Wildcats!

World Read Aloud Day!

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people all around the globe read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literacy as a human right that belongs to all people. New Bridge teachers, staff, and students across the school participated in World Read Aloud Day, Feb 1. All kinds of stories were read, including teacher favorites, funny stories, serious stories, and stories on all subjects. At New Bridge, we know that reading is the most important learning activity we can participate in on any given day. We are grateful that our teachers keep this a priority. We also want to acknowledge our 3rd and 5th grade peer reading tutors and thank them for being great examples to our younger students!
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Thank you New Bridge PTA!

New Bridge has the best PTA ever! Thank you to all our parent volunteers for the countless hours you put in on our behalf. Your passion and dedication shows in all you do. Whether you're handing out birthday cookies to students, serving lunch to our staff, reading with a child, decorating a bulletin board, or putting on an event, your message comes through loud and clear. You are true partners in our success. Our parents are the best! Thank you for encouraging volunteerism and for being willing to go the extra mile for our students and staff.


(Please refer to NBS calendar by clicking here)

Feb 4-8
  • Idle Free Campaign Week - sponsored by Ogden City & Weber-Morgan Health Dept
Monday, Feb 4
  • 6th Grade Author Visit: JR Simmons
Thursday, Feb 7
  • Student of the Month Assemblies
  • Food Pantry
  • Community Council Land Trust training, School District board room, 5:00
Friday, Feb 8
  • Math curriculum adoption review open house, open to public, school district building 2, 9am-6pm
  • Community Council 3:00
Tuesday, Feb 12
  • Parent STEM workshop, 10:00-11, Engineering Design
Thursday, Feb 14
  • 2nd Grade STEM Family Day, 1:30
Friday, Feb 15
  • 4th Grade Author Visit, 1:00
Monday, Feb 18
  • No School
Tuesday, Feb 19
  • No School for students
  • Teacher Training day
Wednesday, Feb 20-Feb 22
  • Purple Ribbon Week - We will be bully free!
Wednesday, Feb 20
  • 3rd Grade field trip, Planetarium
Friday, Feb 22
  • 3rd Grade Family STEM Day,
  • 1st Grade Family STEM Day, 1:45
Monday, Feb 25-Friday, March 1
  • CIA III testing begins
  • Dr. Seuss Week, Hats for Sale
Tuesday, Feb 26
  • STEM Challenge (Zipline) due
  • 5th grade to story telling festival, Eccles Center
Wednesday, Feb 27
  • Early Dismissal 1:00, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Scholastic Book Fair
Thursday, Feb 28
  • Early Dismissal 1:00, Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Grandparent's (or special guest) Lunch
  • Scholastic Book Fair
Friday, March 1
  • Early Dismissal 1:00
  • Grandparent's (or special guest) Lunch
  • Scholastic Book Fair
Monday, March 4-March 7
  • CIA III testing continued
Wednesday, March 6
  • Kinder Tree House Museum
Thursday, March 7
  • 3rd grade Hogle Zoo
  • 5th grade book project day
  • Student of the Month assembly
Friday, March 8
  • Pennies for Patients fundraiser kick-off
  • Early Dismissal 1:00
March 11-15
  • Pennies for Patients fundraiser