Pacific Region

General Description

This region on Canada’s Pacific coast is made up of the province of British Columbia. It has many islands and good harbors for ocean trade. It is also the most mountainous province.
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Who lives Where?

British Columbia is home to more than 4 million people. Most live around the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. People also live on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains. Many people from Asia have moved to this region because of its location on the Pacific Ocean.
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Here English is the first language, but many people from Asia also live in this region. Chinese is the second most common language. In addition, people from India speak Punjabi, and people from the Philippines speak Tagalog.


Winter surfing is a popular sport off the Pacific coast, where large waves from winter storms challenge surfers. Farther inland lie the Coast Mountains and, even farther, the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies’ highest peak in Canada is Mt. Robson, which soars 12,972 feet in British Columbia.
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British influence is strong here. In the mid-1800s, Victoria—named for ruling Queen Victoria—became the first city in British Columbia and eventually its capital. Located off the mainland, on Vancouver Island, Victoria is known as the most British of Canadian cities. Some buildings there look almost like castles.

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Forestry and fishing are important in British Columbia, but now newer industries have passed these by. Both metals and coal are mined in this region. The shipping industry is growing as well. Shippers on the coast carry Canadian products to all parts of the world. In addition, many rivers have been dammed to produce hydroelectric power. Much of the electricity generated in British Columbia is sold to the United States.
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