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September 2, 2022

In Celebration of Community

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MCS Calendar

September 5 - Labor Day Holiday, No School

September 6 - 7th/8th Volleyball Team Plays @7:30 at James Island Recreation; All invited!

September 8 - 5th/6th Volleyball Team Plays @6:30 at Bees Landing Recreation; All invited!

September 15 - Primary Class Meeting @ 5:00 at MCS

September 15 - Lower El Class Meeting @ 6:00 at MCS

September 19 - Student Progress Reports go out this week

September 21 - Upper El Class Meeting @ 5:30 at MCS

September 23 - Early Release Day/Teacher Work Afternoon

October 7 - Early Release Day/Teacher Work Afternoon

October 19 - End of the first quarter

October 20 - Half Day for Students

October 21 - Teacher Work Day, No School for Students

October 24 - Report Cards go out this week

November 7 - Early Release Day/Teacher Work Afternoon

November 8 - Election Day, Schools Closed

November 18 - MCS Feast Day

November 21-22 - Fall Break, No School for students unless used as weather make-up days

November 23-25 - Fall Break, Schools Closed

November 28 - Progress Reports go out this week

December 16 - Half Day for Students/Teacher Work Afternoon

December 19-January 2 - Winter Break, Schools Closed

January 3 - Teacher Work Day, No School for Students

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MCS Primary Families Meet Up at James Island County Park for a Park Pick-Up and Picnic Event!

Trophy Lake Field Trip

The 7th and 8th graders recently went on a field trip to Trophy Lake, to have fun and practice team building. Two groups cheered each other on while climbing their way through the ropes course, and slipping and sliding their way through the aqua park, all while helping each other make it through difficult obstacles. Supportive classmates joined together to jump into the lake from tall heights, and helped pull each other onto the platforms after a challenging climb on the ropes course. Overall, the thrilling field trip was full of teamwork, friendship, and fun!

--Evelyn Junge, Grade 8

Meet Rachel Young, MCS Assistant Principal!

My name is Rachel Young and I am THRILLED to be joining Montessori Community School as your Assistant Principal. I come from a long history in Montessori education. My parents were Montessorians who trained in Italy under Mario Montessori and I had the good fortune to attend Montessori schools from the time I was 2 years old until 6th grade. I attended the University of Michigan for my undergrad (GO BLUE!) and then the Citadel for my Master’s in Educational Leadership. I also have my Montessori certification in Primary and Lower Elementary. I co-owned and operated a private Montessori school in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 18 years which had 275 students, infants through middle school.

After being completely sick of Michigan winters, I relocated to Charleston because of the growth of Montessori education in CCSD. I was the instructional coach at Murray-LaSaine Montessori School on James Island for four years and then the District Instructional Specialist for all of the Montessori schools in CCSD for the past 2 years.

I have 17 year old boy/girl twins who are the loves of my life and are just fun human beings to be around! In my free time, I enjoy cooking, working out, traveling and watching Michigan football. I’m actually the president of the fan club in Charleston! We are called the Lowcountry Wolverines and I’m responsible for organizing the watch parties.

I look forward to getting to know all of you and supporting Ms. Kim and the marvelous staff and students at MCS!

Girls' Volleyball is Back at MCS!

Hello MCS families!! We are excited to announce that we have been able to bring back the girls volleyball team for 5th-8th grade! Our coaches for this season are Coach Teraya and Coach Jordan for the 7th-8th grade team, and Coach Kelly and Coach Lauren for the 5th-6th grade team. The season is in full swing and we can’t wait to see how it goes! We would like to welcome any families who would like to come and support the team by coming to any home games!

-Brielle Johson and Eva Legrand, 8th graders

Resources for Our Parent Community

Ms. Lauren, our school counselor, has created a website full of resources for students, teachers, and families to support their students. There are social-emotional activities, book recommendations for parents, information about college- and career-readiness, and more. There is also information about Ms. Lauren's role and how she supports the school.

Montessori Moment

It is not that man must develop in order to work, but that man must work in order to develop.” ~Maria Montessori

It is very natural for parents to want to know what their child has done at school all day. After all, children spend the majority of their waking hours at school. This question can be particularly challenging to know the answer to if your child is in a Montessori school. In a traditional school, instruction is scheduled in blocks and there may be a textbook that the students are working from. It is easier for the parent to know what their child has done throughout the day. However, in a Montessori classroom, there is no block scheduling and the students are free to choose their work (provided they are making appropriate choices) during the 3-hour work cycle.

So what can you do in order to get an idea of what your child has done at school? First, model to your child what that conversation looks like. Start by talking about your day to them. “Today I had a meeting with my boss about a big project we are working on. Then I started to work on the project with three other people in my office. I also answered some phone calls and wrote some emails.”

After that, try using these questions to prompt your child to talk about their day.

For Primary:

1. What work did you use today? In practical life, in sensorial, in language, in math?

2. Did your teacher give you any lessons today?

3. Did you do any new work today?

4. Who did you sit with at lunch?

5. Who did you play with on the playground?

For Elementary:

1. What was your most challenging work today?

2. Who did you work with during work time?

3. What lessons did your teacher give you today?

4. What projects are you working on?

5. Who did you sit with/hang out with during lunch/recess?

For Adolescence:

1. What projects are you working on?

2. What community service work are you doing right now?

3. How is the micro-economy going?

4. What did you talk about during community meeting?

5. What’s the most challenging thing you did today?

~Rachel Young

An Opportunity to Support Middle School Students

Hey MCS Families! We are thrilled to be starting Chick-Fil-A Biscuit Mornings again! Biscuits or Packages will be available Thursday mornings and can be purchased beforehand with an order form that comes home in your child’s Wednesday folder. Packages include a biscuit, a Capri-Sun and an applesauce. Biscuits will start in October. Biscuits are $4.25 and packages are $5.50. Be on the lookout for order forms at the end of September. The biscuits sales are a fundraiser to support Middle School field trips! Thank you for helping the Middle School!

-Eva LeGrand