Over Population in India

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India has the worlds second largest population with over one billion people and growing. With the birth rates much higher then the death rates in India population density continues to be a large problem. With so many people it is hard to generate jobs, which means a lot of the people are unemployed. There are so many people and only so much land and other resources in India.

Governments Plan

Major steps which have been already implemented but still need to be emphasized more to control population. Increasing the status of women and girls, better education, increasing awareness for the use of family planning methods, sex education, encouraging male sterilization and spacing births, free distribution of contraceptives and condoms among the poor, encouraging female empowerment, more health care centers for the poor, are just a few of the ideas that can play a major role in controlling population.

What is India Known For

India has strengths in the global world in various fields including, science & technology, medicine and healthcare, business and industry, military, communication, entertainment, literature and many more. Experts are hopeful that by increasing public awareness and enlisting strict population control norms by the Government will dramatically help the population crisis in india.

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Effects of Climate

The poorest countries are in the tropics, where it is hot, the land is less fertile, and water is more scarce. In extremes of climate, hot or cold, a lot of energy has to go into the simple business of survival for there to be much leftover energy for development. In India they have to work twice as hard to get enough to eat out of the ground, irrigate where others can depend on rainfall. It may be too hot to work between 11 and 2, causing them to lose three hours out of the day. Rain patterns may give you a short growing season, while others can get two harvests in one year. Some countries like India are just at a natural disadvantage.

Effects of Physical Features

Overpopulation leads to eco-degradation by increasing air, water, soil and noise pollution, unhygienic condition, deforestation leading to flood and soil erosion. So rapid human population growth is creating increased pressure on the infrastructure, economy, environment, availability of primary health care and nutrition.
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