PSJA Early College Express

October 2015

This month: The Teaching Channel

Getting started

This year's professional development program sponsored by our district's i3 grant comes in a monthly cycle of three "waves" — a newsletter (and this is the first!), a webinar (see more below), and a live face-to-face professional development session. Click on the image below to see a brief explanation.

Teaching Channel & Reflective Practice

The Teaching Channel is an online video library of inspiring and effective teaching practices across the country. The Teaching Channel is designed to revolutionize how teachers learn so we can improve our students' achievement. Educate Texas is the first education support organization in Texas to forge a partnership with the Teaching Channel. Teachers—and quality teaching—are the critical element in ensuring that all students have a rigorous educational experience that prepares them for college and career. The Teaching Channel provides teachers and administrators with high quality, accessible, and on-demand examples of teaching and learning.
Teaching Channel Teams: A Case Study

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October Webinar: Teaching Channel

This webinar explores the basics of the Teaching Channel website and the rationale for using the Teaching Channel as a tool to reflect and grow as a teacher. Please watch this webinar with your department prior to your school's face-to-face professional development session (see schedule below). Please click on image below to view the webinar.

Webinar feedback

Please click on the image below after you've watched the webinar to give us your feedback.

PSJA October Professional Development Schedule

Memorial HS: Thursday, October 29, during CLCs

PSJA ECHS: Wednesday, October 28, during POP

Austin MS: Wednesday, October 28, during CLCs

Murphy MS: Monday, November 2, during Team Share

Yzagguirre MS: Tuesday, October 27, during Team Time

Alamo MS: Wednesday, November 4, during CLCs

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Scott Hollinger

PSJA Professional Development Specialist