Nuclear Weapons Around The World

Nuclear Weapons and their controversy

Close Calls

Saturday, Jan. 28th 1995 at 12am


In 1995, due to a glitch in the nuclear detection systems during the cold war, president Boris Yeltsin had learned that a nuclear weapon was sent towards the heart of Russia. Luckily enough, Yeltsin had subconsciously known to wait, and avoided the probable wipe of the human race.


In 1975, the NPT, or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, was passed in order to stop the spread of Nuclear tech. being used as weapons, and to encourage the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Close Calls

Wednesday, Nov. 19th 1980 at 12am

Ashley, Kansas

Henry Winsett and David Mosley were testing the reliability of the Titan missile. "Instead of giving us the light that said the test had begun, it said, 'Launch OK' and 'Launch Sequence Go' which means you're actually in the launch sequence." But luckily, they were able to pull the plug on the whole ordeal, preventing a launch, and a probable nuclear war.

Nuclear warfare In Heroshima

Monday, Aug. 6th 1945 at 9pm

Heroshima, Japan

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Nuclear Warfare in Nagasaki

Thursday, Aug. 9th 1945 at 9pm

Nagasaki, japan

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