Whose philosophy made the most sense for America in the 1960?s- MLK or Malcolm X?

Truly my self opinion is Malcolm x. Why you ask? Because hes fighting for his freedom and thousands of others. He's doing things that others wouldn't have. Since talking didn't do it, he did it to where it shows that they meant business.

Whose philosophy and actions had a greater impact or created more change?

Malcolm x, he use brute force to get equal rights for African Americans. Yes M.L.K was doing good with a non-vilent protest but macolm x had an army with him and fighting back for freedom

Join the the civil rights movment

Come join us brothers and sisters. Come help us defeat the slaving hand of racism.

Bring as much fire power you got. No matter what happens, by the end of this war we shall have freedom. He was a sure fire guy. If you gave him an idea, he would make it happen. No matter what stood in his way he always got to his goal.

Malcolm X - Mini Bio

Life of Malcolm x

Malcolm x was born on may 19, 1925. As he grew older his street record grew, so did his criminal. As he was in jail, he started to study the nation of Islam. Later on in the years her married Betty Shabazz. They had a total of six daughters,( Qubilah Shabazz, Ilyasah Shabazz, Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz, Malikah Shabazz, Attallah Shabazz, Malaak Shabazz).