Mrs. Mathews' Minutes

Everton Bearcats! Oct, 15, 2015

Mrs. Donna Mathews

6th Grade Teacher at Everton

Indiana University East Graduate

5th year teaching

Married for 36 years, 4 adult children and their spouses, 10 Grandchildren...Priceless :-)

Love quilting, being outdoors, gardening and working puzzles


Sixth grade brings a lot of responsibility. Here are just a few areas to keep in mind:

  • Keeping up on class work ( We have a lot to cover each day and move quickly)
  • Checking in for attendance and lunch each morning
  • Turning in daily work and completing morning work
  • Using appropriate voices( There is a time to be social and a time to work)
  • Participation (the more you participate, the better you will understand the skill )
  • Responsibility (agenda, HW, turning in papers, following procedures)

Report Card Conference

Thank you so much for taking time to attend conferences with me. We had 100% participation!! It is so important to meet with you and discuss your child's successes and getting to know you as well.


After Fall Break we will be covering the following concepts:

  • Reading: We will continue working on summarizing as we read.
  • Writing: Perfecting the quick write
  • Math: We will be starting Chapter 4 which covers fractions
  • Science We will continue discussing science fair and safety using models in science
  • Vocabulary/Spelling words for next week: elect eliminate enchilada essential evacuate exceptional exclude fatigued feasible feud forbidden foreshadowing fragile frantic furthermore

Upcoming Events

Oct. 19-23 Fall Break

Nov. 11th Veteran's Day Program 1:30pm Grades: 5&6

Nov. 13th Science Fair Projects Due

Nov. 16th Science and Math Night and Science Fair projects on display 6-7:30

Nov. 17th Grandparent's Day
Dec. 7th Winter Program 1:15pm & 6:00pm Grades: K, 2, 4, 6

Science Fair Packet

Students were given a science fair packet today with many important dates and Information! We went over the packet together in class. Please review this packet with your child. There is a time line in the packet for when parts of their project is due. The last page is for you to sign and return so I know that you and your student reviewed the package.
Why Science Fair is important!

Our Science Fair is Nov 16th, Projects will be due Nov. 13th.

C.O.S.I. Overnight Trip in April!

I sent home a form today about our end of the year trip. The link below also answers some other questions you may have! More information will follow...


Communication is so very important and can make such a positive impact on your child's success. I've set up the following ways to have open communication with each of you. Please reach out to me any time you have a question, comment, or concern

  1. Daily Agendas
  • Please check and sign daily agendas. I check them daily and students receive extra Dojo coins if they are signed!

2. Remind

  • Thanks to everyone that signed up for Remind! It's an easy way for me to get a quick text message to everyone at once. Please consider signing up this weekend if you have not already done so! Thanks!

3. Dojo

  • Information was sent home the first week of school on how to sign up for Dojo. I also sent email invites to those that have not signed up yet. Please consider joining so you can see how your child is doing behavior wise. Students also earn coins to use for our mini economy. I can also send out emails to all of you at one time.

4. Email

  • I check my email many times throughout the day and evening. I will get back back with you as soon as I can. Sometimes, I need to gather and verify information, so please be understanding. I promise to communicate back as quickly as I can.


Please consider signing up for remind using the button below. Remind is a free, safe and simple messaging tool that helps teachers share important updates and reminders with students and parents. All personal information is kept private. I will never see your phone number, nor will you see mine.

Please follow the directions so I can send you important information in a class text message! Your number will not be seen my phone either, so your information is still confidential.

DreamBox and Lexia/Core 5 at home

DreamBox and Lexia are new math and reading website the students have been working on at school to improve their skills. If you would like to down load Dream Box at home on your IPad it will ask for our school code. That code is : hyyu/6kyt For Lexia you only need my email which is listed at the top of this flyer

Our school code is hyyu/6kyt

Harmony Parent Portal

Keep up to date with your child's grades!

Homework Hotline from Rose Hulman

Free help for your homework!

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