POHW Before & After Poster

By: Madyson Black

1) Hollis outlook on Life.

In the Beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after Running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be apart of the Reagan family.

The relationship between Hollis and the Mustard Woman.

In the beginning, Hollis back talk the Mustard woman. The Mustard Woman is asking about her day and Hollis is giving all this false information that makes the Mustard Woman mad! Now, Hollis has no care for the Mustered woman. Since she does not live with the Mustard Woman, she does not care what the Mustard woman does or says.

Page: 72 "How was school? "Burn down" " What did you have for lunch" "Horse meat" "Hows Mrs. Cahill"? " Who?" "What are you drawing?" " Nudies"

3) Meeting Steven.

In the beginning, when Hollis just meet Steven for the first time, Hollis thought Steven was skinny and kinda weird. She also said he was a mess! In the end, Hollis sees Steven like a sweet, caring and loving person. She likes him.

Page: 14.(A skinny mess he was, much taller than I, his socks falling down.)

4) The way Hollis feels with The Reagan's.

In the beginning, Hollis felt uncomfortable with the Reagan's. She ran away so now she feels weird to see them. Hollis felt like she could not really say what she was thinking. In the end, Hollis could say anything to Steven and Josie, and the old man, etc;. She could trust them, she felt more conferrable.

Page: 12 "It would be good if you did not make me go".

Page: 33 " I had money Josie did not know about, i did not want to tell Josie".

5) Hollis emotions.

In the beginning, Hollis was sad and she felt lonely. She was stuck with the mean mustard Woman who made Hollis not feel good! Then she kept on running away which made Hollis Lonely. She was also very nerves and scared.She also felt kinda unconformable to express her feelings. Now, in the end of the book, Hollis does not feel lonely or sad. She feels happy and safe, the Reagan's made her feel good!

Page:7 " I sat straight up, wondering if i should open the door and run, or reach out to push the button down, locking myself in"

Page: 10 " I'm just not sure"

6) The old man and Stevens relationship.

In the beginning, the old man and Steven had some arguments because Hollis is such a organized and good girl and Steven is so not organized! The old man compares Hollis and Steven together. Now, Hollis is felling bad that The old man is comparing them so the old man and Steven are getting along!

Page: 39 " Steven, use your head"

Page: 40 " Somehow, the old man thought i was just a great kid" "Steven was spitting the Candy bar while the Old Man passed me a bigger piece without Steven knowing"

7) The W picture.

In the beginning, Hollis drew a picture of a family which was called a W picture for a Wish picture. She had never had a real family. She was always just "Adopted" or a fosters kid where she just got to stay there for a while. In the very end, she finally got a family with a mom, and a dad, a brother, and two sisters. Hollis was so happy to finally have what she W (Wished) for.

Page:166 ( and the picture, and why it dose not match the first one, the W picture. Its because im holding my sister,Christina, six weeks old, in my arms. So there are five of us now, a mother, a father, a brother, and two sisters. a family)