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Curriculum Management isn't new but how its managed is

Akari Software develops curriculum development & management software for Higher Education Institutions . The software helps institutions design, manage and publish their curriculum while saving time and money on programme development, management and publication. In addition it helps institutions comply with national and international quality standards including any existing reporting requirements.

Curriculum Database Management

Akari Curriculum Management Software helps HEI's improve the management of their curriculum database by:

Providing a single trusted source of all course information (Modules & Programmes)

Providing a trusted and transparent course approval process

Improving preparation for external reporting requirements

Providing internal visibility on staff recruitment & utilisation costs

Facilitating student selection of course and institution of choice

Promoting faculty and staff collaboration in pedagogically innovative and responsive new programme design and development

Akari Curriculum Management Software includes

Akari Document: Provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for Higher Education Institutions in the creation, approval, maintenance and publication of their academic programmes.

Akari Publish: Provides institutions with customisable templates for the creation, development and publication of all relevant programme and module information for use in their corporate and or third party websites.

Akari Resource: Provides a planning tool to explore alternative delivery options in terms of both human and physical resources. When used in conjunction with Akari Document delivery costs per student for individual modules and programmes is possible.

Akari Review: Provides a user definable role-based workflow facility that manages the workflow around approving changes to existing modules and programmes including the addition of new courses. It ensures adherence to institutional processes and compliance procedures.

Akari Curriculum Management Software

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