High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lighting

Quickly And Easily Lessen your Lighting Invoice With A T8 for you to T5 Adaptor

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to reduce your vitality consumption as well as save money in the operation?

There is now an incredible retrofit Commercial Lighting solution available which will allow you to do just this!

A T8 for you to T5 adaptor is a large frequency ECG gadget which allows you to make positive changes to inefficient as well as outdated T12 & T8 luminescent lamps to the new energy saving & environmentally friendly T5 light fixture, without modifying the existing appropriate.

The T5 is definitely a efficient sleek 16mm light tube, providing superior quality of light using a lifespan of well over 30,000 a long time and energy personal savings up to 65%!

It can be environmentally friendly, that contains 38% less glass with only a really small amount of mercury compared to the old T12 along with T8 fluorescent tubes.

Manufactured by businesses such as Osram, Sylvania, GE and Philips, the problem with utilizing them in present fittings is merely that they do not fit.

The actual lengths, the particular connections and also the ballast used are all different types along with sizes.

Alternatives the only selection available to those who own T8 fluorescent furnishing wanting to upgrade to the more successful T5 fluorescent pontoons has been to fully remove the active T8 fittings along with install T5 furnishing.

This, understandably, is a very costly process these days there is an additional solution which makes a lot more feeling!

The T8 to be able to T5 adaptor is designed to fill the gap among T8/T12 fixtures along with the shorter T5 tube and includes it's very individual brand new type of high regularity ballast called an electronic digital Control Products (ECG).

The ECG was designed to work especially with T5 luminescent light pontoons ensuring greatest efficiency.