The Lies of the Government

Vs the truth

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America used propaganda to turn everyone against the Japanese. They created signs, commercials, and all forms of advertisement to create an unrealistic image. In these two comics it shows the Japanese as vicious monsters. As an American if the only image you have of the Japanese is a scary one, you would not know what is right or wrong. The Japanese were completely ostracized because of these false accusations that these two images, and other images like them, spread.
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Proving Propaganda Wrong

According to the comics above the Japanese are all evil and terrifying. This portrait of Sadao S. Munemori proves them wrong. He was a Nisei, a person of Japanese descent who was born and raised in America, and he won America's highest award for bravery in 1945. He gave his own life to save two comrades from the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and before that he wiped out two Nazi machine gun nests, and killed three and wounded two of the gunners. He is Japanese, but is the complete opposite of what the pictures above display. In some cases, he is an even better person than the Americans who believed that all of the Japanese were evil.

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