Abused Children

By: Tyler Holmes


They Say

They say with time it gets better
They say you stop asking why
They say talking helps
They say writing helps
They say you're safe
They say it can’t happen again
They say he can’t reach you again
They say relax
They say be happy
They say stop looking over your shoulder
THEY don’t know that the fear never stops, never goes away, the shadows never leave, and the
hands never stop.
THEY don’t know that he is always behind me, reminding me, reliving it, and never forgetting.
THEY don’t know.


This poem explains what this person goes through each day growing up being abused as a child. The person feels that there innocence has been taken from them.

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The Pictures

The first pictures are statistics about how children most often times know their abuser or that some abusers consider themselves religous. The second picture show that just because the abuse isn't physical doesn't mean it isn't abuse.
Emotional child abuse

Emotional abuse carries the same affect as physical abuse. "Even though doctors and parents often believe physical or sexual abuse is more harmful than emotional mistreatment or neglect, the study found children suffered similar problems "

Private school abuse

This article talks about how all these private schools in england says that more than 200 students have accused sexual abuse. Then it goes on to say that it was hard to find allegations against private school teachers

Child Abuse website

Shows how to stop or prevent child absue. Shows how if you see it ways to stop it.

Child Abuse website 2

This website gives a hotline to call if you know a child getting abused. Shows how they are national.