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February 10, 2020

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Dear GRE Families,

We finally saw a bit of winter this weekend! Being from Northern Ohio, I love snow! Although it wasn't enough to build a snowman, I'm still hoping there is time yet this winter. The snow day allowed for our custodians to do an enhanced cleaning on Friday. Hopefully this extra TLC will help keep our students and staff healthy! This week is one of our favorites in Elementary School-Valentine's Day Parties! We love celebrating this day with our students. Your child's teacher should be communicating information about our parties coming up on Friday. Here are some reminders about how to help keep our students safe if you are sending in or providing food for our parties:

  1. All food items brought in for students, besides your child(ren), must be purchased from a store, individually packaged, and labeled with ingredients. Food from home is NOT permitted to be given to other students.

  2. Food items being brought/sent in for other students must be nut-free (no peanuts, tree nuts, etc.).

  3. Food items also need to have the nutritional content label.

  4. Food items being brought/sent in for other students cannot be processed in facilities that process nut products (as noted on any labels).

If your family would like support with providing class valentine's, please reach out to myself or your child's teachers. We have several families donate extra Valentine's each year and we are happy to share so that all our students get to join in the fun!

Here's to a GREat week at GRE!

Kate Thoma

Principal, General Rosecrans Elementary

News to Share

1. It was reported to me this week that some families are entering our arrival/dismissal loop in the exit. This has happened during arrival and dismissal and is occurring at the same time students are exiting or walking through the lot to get to or from school. Please follow correct traffic procedures. I understand it can be frustrating to wait in line but the line exists to keep our students safe. If we can all exercise patience and work together we can ensure that all of our students enter and exit school safely. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.

2. Our first priority in meeting students' needs each day is ensuring their safety and well-being. As a reminder, we ask our entire community to help us in practicing a "see something, say something" mentality. While we encourage anyone with concerns to reach out to our school, Big Walnut also uses a 24/7 anonymous tip line to report any concerns via voice or text. To report a concern, call or text 1-844-SAFEROH (1-844-723-3764). Thank you for helping to promote our students' safety.

3. Have you checked out Neighborhood Bridges yet? Be sure to subscribe so that you can stay up to date on all the ways you can help our students and families. Learn more and follow our progress here:

Twitter at @BridgesWalnut

Instagram @BigWalnutBridges

4. Our District has an operational levy on the ballot on March 17. This ballot issue will not raise taxes; it is a continuing levy that would replace a levy that is set to expire at the end of 2020. This levy represents 12% of our budget, and it is crucial in funding daily expenses such as teachers, utilities, and supplies. To vote in the election, voter registration must be completed or updated by February 18. For more information, please visit the levy page on our website: March 17, 2020 Levy Information

Special Spotlight: STEM with Mrs. Keller

Fourth Grade is in the midst of passion projects. Students are currently creating! Some of the things students are passionate about are baking, pets, and learning a new skill.

Students in third grade have started passion projects. They are currently researching and planning.

Second Grade students are working with circuits and coding. They have been using Makey-Makey and Scratch to make interactive posters.

First Grade students are still learning about different types of engineers. Students are completing challenges that focus on the different types of engineers. Some of the challenges they will be working on are chemical engineer and they will design a new bubble solution, biological engineer and they will design a new sensory toy, and plastics engineer and they will try to encourage the community to use paper or reusable bags instead of plastic bags. We have added electrical engineering and are working on circuits.

Kindergarten students listened to the story The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Big Bad Wolf. They then have been working through the design process to create a house that the wolf can not blow down.

Important Dates

Need help with what letter day it is?

Monday, February 10th- D Day

Tuesday, February 11th-E Day

Wednesday, February 12th- A Day

Thursday, February 13th- B Day; PTO Meeting 6:30pm

Friday, February 14th- C Day; Eagles Nests; Valentine's Day Parties 2:30

Upcoming Important Dates:

February 13 PTO Meeting 6:30pm

February 14 K-4 Valentine Parties 2:30-3:20

February 17 NO SCHOOL: President’s Day

February 20 P/T Conferences 4:00-8:00pm

Feb. 24- Feb. 28 Read Across America Week

Feb. 28 Rockin’ Recess

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