All about me.

Guillem Núñez 3r ESO

My name is Guillem I live in Bescanó I was born on 7th November 2000


My hobby is playing basketball, I play in the Bescanó team, and my favourite player is Mikael Jordan. My other hobby is meeting my friends, and I like going to the cinema to watch movies or films a lot.

Physical Description

I'm a boy, I'm not very tall and I'm quite slim, I have brown short hair. I have big green eyes, a small nose and a I usualy wear a sweater, trousers and a pair of shoes.


My interests are the enviroment because I don't like to live in a dirty and polluted planet my other interests are my studies because I don't know what to do in the future yet.


I live in Bescanó with my family.I live with my father Joan Carles, my mother Magda and my young brother Martí. In Bescanó I live with my grandfather Joaquim and my uncles Antoni and Dolors and my cousins Nuria and Aina.

Free Time

In my free time I like meeting my friends and playing basketball. In a special ocasions I go to the cinema to watch a movie with my friends.


Now I don't have any pet but in the past i had four hamsters.The first was white the second black the third grey and the last brown.

Likes and dislikes

I like sports, specially basketball I like going to the beach and doing paragliding, Another thing I like to do is going to Portaventura.

I dislike raining days because they are very boring.