Mark Twain's life

by:Paige Rambo


  • Born November 30th 1835
  • Born in Florida,MO
  • His birth name was Samuel Langhorn Clemens
  • His parents were Josh and Jane
  • He had poor for ten years

Early childhood

  • He moved and grew up in Hannibal,MO
  • His father died in 1847
  • Mark twain quit school at age 12 due to his fathers death
  • Mark twain liked frog's as a child
  • He was the 6th out of 7 children


  • He was an Author
  • He believed schooling and education is different
  • Mark Twain wrote many stories
  • He completed 5th grade
  • He lived in a slave state


  • Mark twain was hired by Alta California
  • Huckleberry Finn was his first published book
  • Mark Twain created his own publishing company in 1884
  • Wrote a lot of seires
  • He was a successful writer


  • He married Olivia Langdon Clemens
  • He had 3 girls and 1 son
  • He helped on his uncals farm
  • They got married in 1870
  • They settled in Buffalo


  • He likes cats
  • Mark Twain likes to go boating
  • Wrote books
  • Played with his children
  • He believed in different religions