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Service: One Step Beyond

Graduation: Behind the Scenes

Custodial spends about 2-3 weeks on graduation set-up and breakdown. Some of the tasks required are power washing the bleachers at the stadiums, delivering and picking up musical instruments, set up and break down of the stages and risers, and general cleaning & floor prep for the buildings at the stadiums. They also have to deliver and pick up any equipment associated with the graduations at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater.

Grounds also plays a vital role in graduation ceremonies. The crew spends several weeks planting shrubs, cleaning cobble and mulch beds, mowing and trimming the facilities and sweeping the synthetic fields. They also blow debris and trash off the track areas. The grounds crew also focus on concrete work in the stadium and repairing seating areas.

Thank you to Custodial and Grounds crews for making our facilities look great for the parent community to enjoy during their student's celebration!

Turning the Ship Around

Something great just happened! During a book club we discussion the importance of Legacy noted in Chapter 22. We spoke about what legacy meant. So we asked ourselves; what is our legacy? Words that came from that question were Innovative, Service, Efficient, Family, Teamwork, Humility, etc.

Service. It's what we provide in operations and maintenance. However, what is our legacy around this service? We weren't sure yet but based off of our findings from 'Turning the Ship Around' we want it to be going above and beyond the call of duty. To take that extra step that is not asked of you. Many of us do this already, but are we celebrating these successes?

So we ask you to join us in this journey and start telling your stories. We are a team built on getting the job done and often don't share our successes. We need to. We can share our stories, learn from one another and develop our legacy here at Douglas County School District.

We would like to developed a motto and we want your input. The suggested motto is:

  • Service: One Step Beyond

Please share your thoughts with us as we would like to create a new environment that is built on sharing stories and celebrating our success no matter how small or big they are. We can start paving our path and creating our legacy together!

Please share your thoughts with your direct supervisor and we will work to gather the information. Thank you for your input as your insight is needed and appreciated.

Sustainability Goes National

This Spring, we had three schools awarded the Green Flag (Sedalia, Pioneer & Sand Creek). Green Flag is the highest award given by an international program through Eco-Schools USA. The National Wildlife Federation came out to present each school with their award. In order to obtain this award the schools had to choose 3 pathways from Eco-School's Program. This includes: Energy, Water, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Transportation, Healthy Living, Health Schools, School Grounds, Sustainable Food and Consumption & Waste. We have a total of 8 Green Flag Schools in our district. DCSD has all of the Green Flag's in the State of Colorado and is second in the nation for most Green Flags in a district. We are behind New York who has 11. We are leading the nation in sustainable practices and environmental education.

We have green teams at a majority of our schools which are led by the students. Students never miss an opportunity to "grade" their teachers and conduct audits on energy use or waste consumption. Many sustainability initiatives work well with our Pk-12 curriculum development. Therefore, sustainability has become integrated in both our operations and our education.

Got Style?

Sustainability is a Lifestyle.

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Alma Jackson

Employee Highlight

  • Where did you grow up? Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico
  • One of your favorite movies? 'Bajo la misma luna' - Under the Sun
  • Something you are passionate about outside of work? My Children, Battered Women/Children Rights & Removing fake everything from our Food Movement!
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