201 Update

all the going ons from the #1 class on the 2nd floor

Week of march 14th 2016

Don't forget tomorrow, March 15th is our Annual Math Carnival/Chicken Dinner 5:30-7:00! Come join us for some food and fun!

This Week In Learning!

  • Reading- This week we will be studying fairy tales from around the world. We will be looking at components of fairy tales, as well as how geographic factors effect how these stories are passed down from generation to generation and across cultures.
  • Writing- This week we will be working on writing fables. we'll pick a moral and try to write a fable around that idea!
  • Math- This week we will be working with arrays. We will build an understanding of multiplication, repeated addition, and understand rows and columns.
  • FUNdations- This week we start a one week unit where we study the vowel teams oi, and oy. The homework will be due and test will be on Friday.
  • Science- We start our quarter long unit on sound. We will experiment to gain an understanding of the relationship between sound and vibrating objects.
  • Social Studies- This quarter we will be learning about various cultures influence their communities.

Awesome learners Learning

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • Tuesday Mar. 15th Math Carnival Night and chicken dinner 5:30-7:00
  • Monday Apr. 11th Field trip to the Orange Peel 8:50-11:15
  • Friday Mar. 18th PTO Light the Night Auction 6:00 PM YMI Cultural Center
  • Monday Mar. 28th-Apr. 1st Spring Break