Kindness is love Kindness life

by Maddie Stevens

Its not that hard to be kind

If someone drops something and you saw who picked dropped it pick it up and give it back to them. If you see someone struggling to carry something then ask them if they need help.

Being kind is a part of human nature

Naturally if you see someone struggling to do something or you see someone drop something you feel the urge to pick it up and give it back but we hold back just because you don't want to come off as creepy or annoying or you just don't want to be yelled at just for being nice.

Quotes and Pictures of kindness

Somethings about kindess

Questions most people ask themselves about kindness.

Should i give this back to them?

Do i really have to be nice?

Should i tell them that they have toilet paper stuck to there foot?

What should i say? Hey yo you dropped this, Hey you dropped this thingy, or Hey you dropped this and then they violently throws the object at the person.

Or the most common one Whose is this?

I'm pretty sure a lot of people have asked themselves these questions at one point.

Karma is what goes around comes around.

Kindness has away of getting around just like being rude does. If you are kind to someone then it will one day come back and give you something nice in return. Where as being rude means that one day your gonna get vary bad luck. Most people call this Karma mainly people who practice Buddhism or Hinduism. Karma was originated from Galician and made its way over to Asia and became a popular word in the Buddhism and Hinduism and made its way over to america when people that were Buddhist and Hindu came over and started using the word here and taught Americans Hinduism or Buddhism and Learned the word and we started using it daily. Although some people don't believe in Karma it is the name for what goes around comes around and is vary true.
What Does Kindness Get You? This.