Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class

Room 215


May 5 - Bring costume for immigration unit

May 7 - Immigration final draft due

May 8 - WMS tour

May 8 - Immigration Simulation (1:30-3:00)

May 13 - Orchestra Moves Field Trip - bring a sack lunch

May 14 - Wax Museum board/costume due

May 14 - Talent Show (1:30)

May 15 - FIELD DAY

May 18 - Wax Museum (1:00-3:00)


Students will be coming home with their rough draft of their immigrant story. I was able to help edit most of them. Please help your student with their final draft. I am sending home a rubric and information sheet to help you. The final draft is due May 7th.

On May 5th, please have your child bring a simple costume as their immigrant. This could be just a white t-shirt and jeans. If they do not have a costume it is OK. I will be taking pictures for their passports.

During the Immigration Simulation, we will be "deporting" children. What this means is that students that have lost their passport, or are not prepared to answer questions and pass through the stations will go to the holding area while the others complete the simulation. They will wait there while the others complete the immigration process. The deported students will join us at the end for our popsicle celebration. The 4th grade teachers have stressed the importance of being prepared to the students and they know deportation is a possibility.

If you signed up to volunteer, there is a confirmation letter with specifics coming home tomorrow!

Thank you so much for your support during this project. The kids are really excited and we know it will be a great learning experience!


We have begun our Wax Museum Project! Students have their hero and a confirmation letter and outline should have made it home. If you can, please visit your local library and check-out books on our student's person or print research off of a computer.

Please start thinking about your costume. If you need help please let me know! Students may choose to create a poster board as their costume. I have attached a sample picture below.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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