Human Impacts

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For littering there are laws in order for us not to litter they will make you pay a fine if they catch you littering. Human litter can be found in all marine habitats, from beaches to the most remote points in the oceans.

Oil Spills

Oils spills in 2006 is considered the most horrendous marine accident in history. The NEBA seeks to balance the negative impacts on the spills. When some of the oil eventually stops floating on the surface of the water and begins to sink in to the marine environment, it can have the same kind of damaging effects on fragile underwater ecosystem, killing many fish and mammals that are in the global food chain.

Over Fishing

Over fishing occurs when fisherman take a variety of fish out of the ocean. We can predict that only a few more decades there will be no more fish for humans this means soon fish will be extinct.


Eutrophication is a result of marine pollution it is caused by the released of excess fertilizer into the oceans by streams and rivers. The most effects on eutrophication is algal blooms. When algal blooms occurs the lake, stream and ocean become covered with algae.

Artificial Reefs

Artificial Reefs could be toxic as the metals begin to rust and degrade, it can release toxins into the water. The toxins could kill tons of sea life. A solution for artificial reefs could be from recycled ships and other man made items that are no longer useful on land so they sink them into the ocean so they can become home for new sea life.