Should Scientists test on animals?

animal abuse

What is animal testing?

What is animal testing? As silly as the name might sound its no laughing matter. Its actually quite serious. What this is, is the testing of animals in labs. You see if per say, a company comes up with a new perfume or lotion, or even a new type of food, they don't just give it to the stores to put on their shelves or inventories. Oh no, they test it on animals not knowing or caring if it will hurt them or even kill them! Animal testing has come as far as to burn, cripple or poison animals with their tests and examinations.
Animals go through a lot of pain like, blistering, inflammation, blindness, agony, and death.
Countries like, Europe, India and Israel, have banded this cruel and unreasonable act, and yes its unreasonable because there is alternatives and other ways to see if products are harmful to humans.

What do animals go through?

Animals are forced to go through horrible procedures, and get horrible results, like deceases and tumors even bigger then they can handle. They don't have any say in this and they haven't done anything to deserve this. The worst of all is that, the U.S allows this kind of abuse towards animals and don't care that they are burned, poisoned, drowned,and even brain damaged.

what can you do and, what are people doing to stop this?

Of course this is the worst type of animal abuse, and although they might not talk they can feel the pain they receive from these tests. That's why we have organizations like, (AWA) which stands for, Animal Welfare Act. But this Act is not enough. Although they might be in this act labs and companies can still test these animals and harm them, because the law only covers husbandry which means specific standards for their housing.
The way to help these animals and to support them is to not buy anything that has to do with animals being tested. To find out if something is tested on animals like, makeup or lotion, what you have to do is go online and look up which brands test on animals and which ones don't. You will be amazed what company brands test on animals, companies such as; Dove, Raid, Tide, Windex, Avon, Axe, Crest, and many, many more! It sounds hard to stop buying these products that we use in our every day lives, but its the right thing to do, do save a cute little creature a lot of pain.


In conclusion these animals suffer a lot and go through a lot of teeth clinging procedures. I think this isn't right and that scientist should use other alternatives, that don't have to do with torturing harmless creatures that haven't done anything to harm us, but help the ecosystem. I disagree with this for one, who wants to see animals tested and hurt, reason two, there are other alternatives so all of this animal abuse isn't necessary , and reason three, not all animals have the the same side effects as humans, so testing on them is extremely pointless! So don't stay quite, animals can't talk for themselves so it's time we talk for them and stop this animal cruelty.
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