From the Mixed-up Files

of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler

A survival guide for camping out in an art museum

  • Find an old bed, possibly belonging to former royalty, and sleep in it. (No sleeping on the ground for these kids.)
  • You will be short on money, but not if you discover the museum's coin fountain.
  • Running away means never being cold, dirty, or bored (especially when there are guided tours to follow).
  • A P.O. Box is a sound investment even though it's just empty space.
  • Automats are the best way to look for cheap and affordable food when you're on the run.

Claudia and Jamie run away to the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Yep, it's a stuffy, old museum. This isn't the camping out in the woods and killing animals with your bare hands kind of running away, but it's an adventure nonetheless. Explore the Met here.

Questions before you begin

Look at and read the cover of the book. Read the letter to Saxonburg in the beginning of the book. Think of questions you have about the story after doing that. Follow this link to write out your questions


Go to this link to learn and test yourself on the vocabulary from the book. Once you take the quiz let Mrs. Underwood know your score. Click the chapter you are going to read and read through the vocabulary.

Ch 1

Ch 2

Ch 3

Ch 4

Ch 5

Ch 6

Ch 7

Ch 8

Ch 9

Ch 10

Be Claudia or Jamie

Go to this link and learn all you can about your chosen character. You will have to follow this character as you read the book and explain how they change throughout the story.

Photos of interest

Think about it.

Where is New York? It is in the far eastern part of the United States, New York City is on the Atlantic Ocean.

Find Indiana on the Map. How far do you think it is from New York? Look it up. Would you travel with your brother or sister from Indiana to New York City? Why or why not? Candy Challenge: make up a plan like Claudia did for your trip.

Who made this angel? Is it by Michelangelo?

Research who Michelangelo is. Write three facts you found out about him that might show that he could have been the artist who created the angel sculpture. Click here.

What to know more?

Read this article about the connection between the MET and the book in this issue of MET for kids. Click here

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Using this link to the street view of the museum you can drop yourself into the museum and explore the different galleries.

Google Maps

Final assignment

Using the book report slide show you will make a book report with your partner. All slides and requirements should be completed.