AVID Fall Exam

Christian Martinez,1/11/16, Grade 7, AVID 4

Were I got all of my pictures from.


Community service

Helps me understand to do more for other people than do things for me. Helps me feel better about myself when i am doing things for people in need and not getting anything back or out of it. It also helped my understand that some people dont have the luck of having all the things I do.


Helps by organizing my database in my head. It also helps me clear out my head from all the stuff going on. It also helps me focus on what i need help on.

Cornell Notes

Helps me be more organized. Helps me not be as messy on my notes like it used to be in fourth grade. It also helps me study by the questions I have to help.


Tutorials helped me in so may ways, but I can just say a few of them. It helped me by helping me understand and process the problem and eliminate the problem. It also helps me find new ways to do the question and make it easier.


Avid has not helped me that well, yet. I am a little more organized but, there is still a lot of stuff in places it shouldn't be. That is why once we clear out our binders i will start fresh and start being more organized.

Public Speaking

Public speaking has helped me a lot on understanding techniques that I can use to help me over come my fear of speaking to a public. Sometimes I don't show it by acting like its just an empty room/classroom. It also helped over come part of my fear but I still have a lot of fear when I speak in public.
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I will actually start to organize my binder and write in my planner ALMOST every day.( Sometimes I forget) I will try my best to look more at the audience and speak louder when I am public speaking. I will do my TRFs on time and turn it in on time. That's all folks and goodbye.