Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

By Devin Johansen

The CCC was a work relief program. It operated from 1933-1942. It was aimed at helping unmarried and unemployed men. It was part of FDR's new deal.

Why was the CCC created?

The CCC was created not only to provide men with jobs and housing, but also to revitalize the land and to battle erosion and the natural destruction of the Earth. It brought the men and the land together in an effort to save them both. It helped prevent financial loss and to build up nation's wealth in the future.
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Who was in charge of the CCC?

President Roosevelt appointed Robert Fechner to be head of this program. He was a labor union official and the VP of the American Machinists Union. Along with Fechner, the program was also supervised by four government departments: Labor, War, Agriculture, and Interior. An advisory council made up of a representative from each department participated.

How did the CCC work?

Men stayed in CCC camps and were commanded by army officers. They stayed there from 6 months to a year, and nearly every day they performed vigorous outdoor work. It mainly focused on reforestation and soil conservation. The CCC was responsible for over half of the nation's reforestation and also created thousands of wildlife shelters. It helped keep youth off of the streets and kept them empolyed.

CCC by the Numbers

  • About 125,000 miles of road was built
  • 3 billion trees planted
  • 30,000 wildlife shelters
  • 320,000 check dams
  • 8 million hours spent fighting fires
  • 89,000 miles of telephone wire strung


The only projects in Nebraska were in Tecumseh and in Nebraska National Forest. In Tecumseh, they built a volleyball court and hosted a horseshoe tournament. They reforested 20,000 acres and produced 30 million saplings in Nebraska National Forest.
I think the new deal was very important. It helped drag the U.S. out of the Great Depression. The new deal is responsible for many of the government policies that we have today. It stabilized our economy and gave us many opportunities for jobs. It made a system to back up and insure our money. We probably wouldn't be where we are now without the new deal.
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