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Library Newsletter- February 2016

We had a very busy month in the library- take a look and see what we've been up to!

Book Tasting

Our Kinder-3rd grade students had the opportunity to partake in our Reading Restaurant and do a "Book Tasting". In order to expose students to books that were brand new or didn't have much circulation, they were allowed to preview them. The library was decorated like a restaurant with tablecloths, plates, and platters. Students had the opportunity to skim or "taste" several books at their table and record the information for future checkouts. It was a lot of fun!

Bluebonnet Books

Our Bluebonnet Book reading program ended January 25th with a vote following the next day. Students were able to cast a vote for their favorite book in the library with voting booths, ballots, and stickers. We had 91 students come to the library and vote!

Makerspace is open!

As of February 1st, our "mini-Makerspace" will open to 4th-6th grade students. The stations, chosen by student votes, are an engineering challenge, marble run, and duct tape crafts. Classes received orientation the last week of January to learn the procedures and expectations. When they were finished, they had an opportunity to build a pom-pom launcher out for paper cups, rubber bands, straws, note cards, and paperclips.


The book fair will be held in our library from February 29th-March 4th. The library will be "closed" that week meaning no lessons or check-outs. However, feel free to bring your class by during your normal library time to take a look through the book fair.

TEACHERS: Save the date for Friday, February 26th- we will be holding a teacher preview in which you can look through the selection and create a wish list for your classroom. We will have light refreshments (my creamy jalapeno dip may make an appearance!)

If you have any 70's themed party decorations, we would love to borrow them to decorate the library. We promise to give them back! :)

If you know of any parents who would be willing to volunteer for the book fair, please e-mail me their information. Thank you!

To make things convenient for families, we will also have our book fair online. We now have a book fair app and website. The site listed below will open on February 21st and will include extra books and materials that are not available at our campus book fair. Please promote this to your parents and students!


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Read alouds for the 100th day of school

National Geographic for Kids (many nonfiction ebooks and electronic magazines with text features...ask Ms. Pope for our campus log-in)

Scholastic Reading Report (data about reading and our children. Page 44 refers to reading at school...another great reason to promote the book fair!)

Coming Up!

Pre-K: Jungle and Desert read alouds

Kinder: Nonfiction, Relax and Read Week, Book Fair preview

1st grade: Text features, Relax and Read Week, Book Fair preview

2nd grade: Main idea, Relax and Read Week, Book Fair preview

3rd grade: Procedural texts, Relax and Read Week, Book Fair Preview

4th grade- 6th grade: ((still planning)), Book Fair Preview