paintball a fun sport you should do

Try It


Paintball is an amazing sport that you should try there is a lot of safety rules and armor, also protection ,There is also a lot of paintball marker and colors that you may like there, and also event you could attend to join or watch.

Paintball Markers

There is a lot of paintball markers in the world to chose form. Paintball has different choices because there is woods ball and speedball they have a lot of choices to make when picking paintball marker. There is a lot of choices to make on what kind of camo you want on your paintball marker you could have army camo to regular black paintball marker.


Paintball is a Safe Sport. For paintball safety for kids they have a safety button

on it so kids don’t shoot them selves. For Paintball safety they have a 20Ft surrender Rule so you do not get hurt really bad(#4-7).For Paintball safety you wear have to wear a mask don’t worry because the paint will not go through the mask(#4-7).

Paintball Events

There Are A lot of paintball events in paintball. There are events to were you could win money or a paintball marker (#26). In some paintball events there are the sponsor to were you could get to join a company and win money and markers like some sponsors there is Empire, Dye, and tippman (#26). In a paintball tournaments you could join a team and do team events (#26).


This Why you should play paintball many paintball markers , paintball safety, also events to win many things