from oil to lego

By: Declan Briggs

Famous Builders Legos

what are those toys that are in your room at night and day? you can build with them? what are they? Lego!


plastic is made of oil. they can be made from other things too. the pipes can hold 33 tons of granules.


They can be muted by raw and gas. Then they turn into resin granules. Someone at the factory heats the resin that makes it liquid. Now it can be turned into a shape chemicals help the plastic harden 1,000 machines do the work.


Lego was invented in the 1900s. It was voted toy of the century twice! Legos are made in a factory in Denmark.

End Product

At Lego Land they put the Lego in tubs. And get them out when somebody wants to use them.
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