The African Crisis

What is Malaria and Why Is It Such a Big Problem in Africa?

"Malaria is a serious infectious disease spread by certain mosquitos. It it most common in tropical climates. Malaria is endemic (occurs frequently in a particular locality) in many third world countires." ( Malaria is a problem in Africa because the African region accounts for 85% of malaria cases and 90% of malaria deaths. (WHO)

As the 21st Centuary Opens, Someone Dies of Malaria Every Fifteen Seconds.

What Are the Causes of Malaria?

Malaria is a virus causes by infection with parasites called Plasmodia. (World Book) The infection is passed from one human to another by the bite of an infected Anopheles mosquito. (Pub Med Health) Malaria is a abundant in Africa due to unsanitary conditons and mosquito breeding grounds.

What Are the Effects of Malaria?

Symptoms of Malaria include fever, chills, muscle aches, headaches, vomitting, diaherra, coughing, and juandice. (Mapping Epidemics) Relapse of the virus occurs every 42-72 hours. (Professional Guide To Diseases) In developed countries, malaria can be treated. However, in Africa, malaria is a killer. Mainly children and pregant women are the victims of malaria.

How Can the Malaria Problem Be Solved?

The World Health Organization (WHO) are the vanguards in the fight against malaria in Africa. "As a result of the scale-up use of insecticide-treated nets, indoor residual spraying, intermittent preventive treatment during pregancy, and Artemisini-based combination therapy, 10 countries in the WHO African region have reduced malaria cases by at least 50% between 2000 and 2008." (WHO). However, despite the alarming numbers, relatively little attention is currently being paid to malaria researach. (Mapping Epidemics) Malaria is a problem in Africa. It kills many people and is 100% preventable. However, money is an issue in developing countries. Just a simple mosquito net can reduce malaria cases.

How Long Will It Take to Eliminate Malaria in Africa?

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