citizens should be in control

the people of the town should work with each other

Thesis Statement

the citizens should be in charge of what goes on in the town because the things that are going on in there town people think are unfair and many people think it should be stopped and that citizens should have the right to have some type of power


In the story lottery and dangerous game both stories show how much the government controls things and also shows how much the people have no says in these things that happen around there community . these stories show that tradition shouldn't always be followed .

Quote/Analysis "Most Dangerous Game"

Quote: "Thank you, I'm a hunter, not a murderer( Connell 8).

Analysis: this proves that the people are getting hunted like animals but other don’t look at it as murder theyre look at is as there hunting

animals this proves that they are killing other people but feel like they are not doing anything wrong because its the way the game was mad to play so they feel as there is nothing wrong that they are doing .

qoute/analysis "the lottery "


"’It isn't fair, it isn't right,’ Mrs. Hutchinson screamed, and then they were upon her(Jackson7).

Analysis: this quote proves that mrs . Hutchinson

is about to get murdered just because of a tradition she didn’t do anything wrong so to keep this from happening just too stop the tradition maybe they could do something else to keep the population down there could be many solutions besides people getting stoned just because they got pick or the people that don’t like the lottery they can just leave and they will have no one to pick or everyone stand up for each other


in conclusion the people should be in control of what goes around there community because we are the ones that have to live here the government doesn't have to live with all the things or rules they put out in the community and maybe it would be a better place if the people got to choose what goes around and how things should be solved in the up coming election im worried that trump will become president because it will lower our rights and we will have less rights then we have now . and I feel is not a good fit to be our president .