Blizzard Bags

Timberlane Regional School District -Madison Bishop

What is a Blizzard Bag?

A blizzard bag comes in handy when school gets called for a snow day. A blizzard bag is when the teachers of the student send out work they want the kid to do while they are not in school. If the work is completed by the students (at least 80% of the district) then the snow day will be counted as a school day so we don't have to make up the school day in June.

Yes to Blizzard Bags

I think that blizzard bags are a good idea. You can do the work in the comfort of your own home and not have to go out to school on dangerous days. Another reason why it is good is so that in the summer you don't have to be in school for longer. I would recommend them to another district because they are quick and easy for the teachers to do and the kids just need to complete the assignments to get it counted as a school day.