How to lose weight

Alexandra Oviedo and Ana Cristina Gonzalez

Background Information

You can consume less calories and do 1 hour or more of exercise. That way you can lose weight faster. One way of changing your habits of eating is starting little by little, Instead of watching T.V. go for a walk or dance. Start with some jumping jacks, crunches, sit wall, dancing, running, etc… Replace junk food for healthy fruits, and vegetables. Eat a Healthy breakfast and meal. Don’t eat dinner, that way you can lose weight faster “Skip dinner, wake up thinner”. Include salad, vegetables, etc… (Healthy food). And just be more active.


If we modify our diet we will lose weight.


I will check my weight every week during the experiment. We need to do a chart with the week and how much weight i had, then the exercise per day and how many calories I consumed per day during that week. Then we will see if I lost weight doing this experiment, and who much does this took me. We will see if our experiment actually works or our hypothesis was wrong.

Analyzing Results

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If I modify my diet i can actually lose weight. If we consume less calories and do more exercise we can lose way too much weight. We must keep and stay active everyday and Always eat healthy. If we do more exercise and consume less calories, our energy will come down and we will feel sick. But at least you would lose weigh. Just do exercise and be active. Change your eating habits.