Top 10 facts

Joe Montana

10. Hall Of Fame

Montana was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in 2000, his first year of eligibility.

9. Most MVP

Montana is the only player to have been named Super Bowl MVP three times.

8. Comeback King

Noted for his ability to remain calm under pressure, Montana helped his teams to 31 fourth quarter come-from-behind wins.

7. Touchdown!!!!!!!

In the closing moments of the 1981 NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XXIII, Montana threw game-winning touchdown passes.

6. Hometown

Montana was born to Joseph Clifford Montana, Sr. (born 1932) and Theresa Marie Bavuso Montana (1935–2004) in New Eagle, Pennsylvania, a borough of Washington County located in the western portion of the state.

5. Freshman Bench

Though Montana was a talented player, under Notre Dame policy in 1974 freshmen were not permitted to practice with or play on the varsity team, and consequently Montana played only in a few freshman team games.

4. Career ended

Montana suffered a ruptured disk throwing a pass in the 1986 opener and underwent two-hour back surgery.

3. Underdog

Montana was neither exceptionally fast nor tall nor did he have a bazooka for an arm. The man whom his high school quarterbacks coach said "was born to be a quarterback" won by wits and grace, style and reaction.

2. The Catch

He made the throw on the play that became known as The Catch. That's when a scrambling Montana, with three Cowboys closing in for the kill, lofted the ball in the end zone to Dwight Clark.

1. Super Bowl numbers

In these four games, he put up Super numbers, completing 83-of-122 passes (68 percent) for 1,142 yards with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions.

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